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#158 fixed MUI frames Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

MUI4 frames have different design (actually missing pixels at corners of some frames) compared to MUI 3.8

I am referring to 3 frames with rounded corners (as in selected one and around it)

#162 fixed Left and right cursors don't work in odyssey YesCop


Well, as requested by Thomas, I create a new ticket even I don't know if it is a mui bug. Just after installing the new version of mui on OS4 4.1.6 (mui 4.0 2015R1), the left and right cursors don't work in the Odyssey browser. It is very paintful to edit this post… I reset the default keyboard values (these values were never modified.). I have no clue about that (except a problem with the OS4 version, need the os4 final?). It seems that only two persons have this problem. The solution of the another one was to rollback to previous version.

Steps to reproduce

  1. just install this version of mui.

#163 fixed wrong colors on flat borders mail@…


All Gadgets with a flat frame displays wrong frame/border colors

Steps to reproduce

  1. go to mui prefs, choose any object you want in the list (buttons, groups etc.)
  2. change border settings (Frames & Background / Rahmen & Hintergrund in german)
  3. on tab borders look at the first entry, this is black. should be shine pen (top), shadowpen (bottom)

Expected results

should have same colors as other frame types

Actual results

black color


Screenshots here: previous version:

current version:

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