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#386 fixed Selected items aren't shown in MUI 5.0-2017R4 Thore Böckelmann jPV


I got a report that my Hollywood program doesn't show the selected items in a listview. Items don't get highlighted if I select them programmatically, although they are in the selected state if I check them by the GetSelection method.

My OS4.1FE default MUI version does show them as expected, but the problem seems to be with newer MUI versions, 5.0-2017R4 in this case.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Try this example program: (and have this in the same dir:

Expected results

You see two selected items in the list

Actual results

None of the items seem to get selected visibly

#385 fixed Selected item behaviour when sorting a listview jPV


If I have a selected item in a listview and sort the listview (programmatically from Hollywood in my case), the selection doesn't follow the item if it moves to a new position.

According my betatester this happens with the MUI 5.0-2017R4, but it does not happen on my MUI from OS4.1FE. So sounds like it's got broken at some point.

I don't know if this got already fixed with the similar issue with active item sorting (bug #384)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Select an item in a listview, let's say the bottom one
  2. Sort the listview so that position of the previously selected item changes, let's say that the item in the step 1 will be at top after sorting

Expected results

The item at top should be selected

Actual results

The bottom item is selected


Here is a test executable: And it requires this in the same dir:

For my OS4.1FE default MUI it reports ("Selected item" lines): "Selected item is 2" "Selected item is 0"

But for 5.0-2017R4 it reports: "Selected item is 2" "Selected item is 2"

#274 invalid Select items improvement (opening/closing it) Samir Hawamdeh


In order to open a "select" actually you need to press its specific open gadget, otherwise nothing happen and the select will not be opened … ok not a problem of course however it would be great if this type of "select" can be opened also pressing the LMB over its textarea …


On other frameworks (Qt, GTK or even Reaction) this kind of gadget can be opened in both method, by pressing its specific gadget and even just clicking inside its textarea

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