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#58 fixed Scrollbars - mouse Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

MUIPrefs - Scrollbars - Allow middle mouse button scrolling

Does not seem to have any effect.

I believe if I hold the middle button and move the mouse the window content should scroll, similar to LMB held on the slider.

#187 fixed Scrollbar scrolling Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

Please see videos MUI39 - smooth scrolling, slider attached to mouse pointer MUI40 - jumping scroll, slider lags behind pointer

IMHO: The priority of the slider needs to be higher so that it always follows the mouse (either being more multitasking or by breaking the other rending process if sliders position has changed and redrawing the slider at top priority, and only redraw the connected list or whatever with the left over cpu resources, or something like that) Currently slider waits for other processes to complete before getting updated and the more complex the scrolling area contents the worth the situation becomes)

If it's impossible to do with the new method, then please offer an option to use 39 or 40 drawing method.

PS: it would also be nice to add a second selected frame option for the gadget, without it it's impossible to get the original XENBAR style (selected frame all black, with no 3D effect)

#223 fixed Scrollbar precision scrolling Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev


Scrollbar precision scrolling is broken

Steps to reproduce

  1. In MUI prefs open all extra mcp (make small window to have a few pages)
  2. Drag the slider up/down
  3. Now try nudging the bar by clicking below it

Expected results

Should scroll one visible page down

Actual results

Scrolls random amount (or more to mouse position)

However, if we nudge the bar to the top, and then do the same down, the position is jumped exactly as expected, per page.

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