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#149 invalid Font settings not working Mikhail Malyshev

(Advanced font requester) Setting of font colour and outline colour does not work, has no effect.

Can also be seen in first MUI/Prefs/Info panel Left MUI About text should be white with black outline. Under OS3 it's black with grey outline

#150 invalid CPU load limitation Mikhail Malyshev

This is 3.9 and 4.0 issue

When MUI is very busy, eg. reading images directory (and other tasks) it uses all system resources, even mouse pointer stops moving. It's like running an intensive benchmark program.

Can we reduce cpu load, and give back the system some resources from time to time so that things do not lock up for a few seconds.

Also it would be nice to abort and close the window (using window close button) before all the images are read in mem which can take sometime if you have a lot of them.

#159 invalid Oversized windows for screen resolution Mikhail Malyshev


Currently, when a window does not fit the screen, it tries to reopen with a topaz 8 font (which is usually not smaller then a proportional font like commonly used XHelevetica 11 or similar.)


The current fall-back layout mechanism needs changing to something more useful and less destructive to the GUI.

Enhancement recommendation

When ever MUI requires to open a window that is bigger then the screen resolution, MUI should enforce a virtual group on the windows contents. This will allow to display the window and keep the user defined settings for the GUI even in extreme cases.

eg. test case: Current MUI 4.0 prefs editor → frames/backgrounds settings window has no chance of fitting 640x wide screen.

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