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#353 invalid Setting MUIA_String_Contents triggers MUIA_String_EditHook Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn

I've noticed that with the latest MUI version setting MUIA_String_Contents triggers MUIA_String_EditHook. This breaks my app because MUI 3.8 didn't behave that way. In 3.8, MUIA_String_EditHook was only called on user input, not on setting MUIA_String_Contents.

#320 fixed Setting MUIA_Cycle_Entries should cause a refresh Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn

I've noticed that when setting MUIA_Cycle_Entries without changing the number of entries, MUI doesn't redraw the cycle gadget. This should be changed because currently, there's no clean way to simply change the label of an item because the cycle gadget doesn't refresh itself automatically after setting MUIA_Cycle_Entries. The only way to cause a refresh is to set MUIA_Cycle_Active to a new position and then revert to the old position. This will force MUI to redraw and then the new item label is shown correctly but of course this isn't such a nice solution….

#359 fixed Serial debug Mikhail Malyshev


2017R3 release has serial port output on some events

Steps to reproduce

  1. In prefs click any list item

Expected results

nothing on serial port

Actual results

output on serial port



Fixed in 1 Nov nightly ?

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