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#77 fixed no muimaster_lib debug since 2014-07-29 (MUI3 & MUI4) Thore Böckelmann Javier de las Rivas


There is no no muimaster_lib debug since 2014-07-29, archive only has ReadMe.debug. Happens on MUI3 and MUI4

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#231 invalid muilocale.library V20+ not found in MUI4 with AfAOS fernandoace@…

Hi: I'm Retrofan from EAB. In my AKReal distro usng MUI4 when I use RTG and select to use any of the 24bit Themes (that enables AfAOS), then when I try to open the MUI preferences the system complains about a muilocale.library v20+ not found.

I've seen that if I add the muilocale.library v.20.370 from MUI39 it works without problems, so I would add it to your MUI4 files.

Thanks, Fernando

#232 duplicate muilocale.library V20+ not found in MUI4 with AfAOS Fernando Martín Morillo <fernandoace@…>

Sorry I can not answer to my thread, so you can past this post answwering there.

Answer: It uses the same configuration to change between MUI4 or MUI38 than AmiKit. There is no MUI39 in my system. If you try AKReal 8.5 the problem is when you use "Better Config" in Tools and select to use RTG. IF you select then with MorpheuZ to use a 24bit Theme (then AfAOS is enabled) then if you try to open the MUI4 preferences it complains about the missing muilocale.library V20+. As I've said if you add the one of MUI 39 then it works right and it opens the MUI4 preferences.

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