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#291 fixed Specify between 68k and PPC installed classes Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


In the current about window all opened classes are listed in the same way, specifically there is no difference between PowerPC and 68k installed classes because all of them are treated in the same way

However sometimes having a reference to distinguish them with more details could be convenient, expecially to see if they are running native or not


Actually the availible columns in abour are:

Class Version Date Copyright

Enhancement recommendation

It would be nice if you can add another column related to the "architecture"

In end, a future about window could contain:

Class Version Architecture —> 68k/PPC Date Copyright

#444 fixed SnapIT: Causes a system freeze Hubert Maier


A screengrabber, based on MUI and called SnapIT (, is causing a complete system freeze when bringing up the context menu (right mouse click) while bubble help is active over an interactive window list.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start it without changing anything
  2. Move the mouse cursor to the "Window List" field
  3. Wait until the help bubble comes up

There is yet another window created in the list called "SnapIT" (for the help bubble)

  1. Without moving the mouse, right click to bring up SnapIT's workbench menu

Expected results

No freeze. There should just the context menu coming up, nothing else.

Actual results

A complete system freeze with no crash, no crash log and absolutely nothing on serial. It looks like as if the system is instantly screeching to a full stop.


Don't think so, i never tested or used the program before, so i can't really tell.


Nothing useful probably, but here goes:

  1. I tried every single MUI demo, but couldn't find a similar list that will bring up bubble help, so i can't really test if this is intended behaviour, i guess not though, since i can make the right-click menu come up perfectly fine, if i right-click into the list fast enough *before* bubble help comes up and creates the new entry.
  2. I *think*, but that is a shot in the dark, that there is a race condition where MUI tries to remove bubble help (and the extra entry) while the brought up Workbench menu has already locked the SnapIT window (at least it locks the MUI preferences window in it's "Busy" setting, by stopping the amimation, if i right-click on the window border between "Save" and "Use" - so i'm assuming it does the same here?).

Program specific:

  1. There also seems to be another bug in either MUI or the SnapIT app. While bubble help comes up, focus on the formerly marked entry in the list is lost and moved wrongly down up one entry, since the whole list is moved down when bubble help's entry is added.

Let me know if you need another bug item for this.

  1. The whole window list seems to be an "object", not sure if this adds to the problem? If i move the cursor around inside the list, bubble help stays where it was first opened. If i click on another entry, no new bubble help will come up, instead it will be removed, together with the extra entry. If i now do a right-click, everythings works fine. I have to move outside the window list and come back to make bubble help reappear.
  2. There is no "bubble help" entry in "Components", so i left it undefined.

If you need more information or testing, just shout.

Thank you for the ongoing development

#188 fixed Small layout change for some prefs Mikhail Malyshev

Please do some layout changes to the following MUI/Prefs windows, so that the final window width is smaller.

  1. MUI/Prefs/Windows

In English it is fairly ok, but for translated versions the window gets really wide.

Solution: make options in a vertical list (currently it's three columns) that add up to final width

  1. MUI/Prefs/Adjust Frames & Backgrounds window

Also needs some layout adjustment to make it around 20 pixels less wide (tried it with different languages and micro fonts) and the min window is currently limited to about 660 pixels, just a bit too wide.

The rest of main mui prefs seem to be ok.

This will make the main MUI prefs work better for basic OS3/OS4 setup under AGA with default 640x screen or when the prefs are called on a small application screen.

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