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#309 fixed Crash when updating BetterString Samir Hawamdeh


After i was updating the BetterString class (downloading and then copying manually the latest version in "MUI/Libs/mui" directory) i accidentally selected the class from the MUI prefs

I got a crash, see attach

(Crash happened using the latest MUI 4.0 nightly build under AmigaOS4)

Of course to handle this correctly a reboot was for sure a necessity, however it should not crash either i think (?)

#289 fixed Crash while closing tabs in Odyssey 1.23 Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

A rare crash sometimes occurred while i browse the web with Odyssey 1.23, in this case i was able to reproduce it by having many tabs opened (each tab had an image loaded) and then starting closing them one by one

I got a skippable DSI that apparently point to the Group.c function

I'm using the latest MUI4 nightly (svn r5155)

#344 invalid Cursor keys and ESC don't work when editing listview item and listview is in focus Andreas Falkenhahn

I'm attaching a demo program for OS3. On MorphOS it's working correctly, but not on OS4 or OS3.

To reproduce:

  • make window large enough
  • click listview to make it take the focus
  • press return
  • try to edit the column item

You can add characters but cursor keys, edit keys, esc key are not working.

If the focus is not on the listview when pressing return or start editing by mouse then all keys are working.

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