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#243 duplicate Strange width behaviour changes between MUI 20.6421 & MUI 20.6445 Guillaume Boesel


Under MUI 20.6421, no width problem (see MUI_20.6424.JPG)

Under MUI 20.6445, the same tab width is very very large and I'm unable to reduce it. The 2 others tabs of this window don't have width problem but as soon as I open once the second tab (the one with width problem), the width of all tabs is very very big. (see MUI_20.6445.JPG)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open FastView Preferences tab under 20.6445

Expected results

Works as under MUI 20.6421


This ticket is opened just to ask if you know which MUI elements could have been changed that could explain my problem ?

Thank you very much Guillaume

#265 fixed Strange issue in Busy.mcc prefs Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn

1) Start MUI:MUI 2) Go to the prefs page of Busy.mcc 3) Drag the "Speed" slider all the way to the left so that it says "Wowww!" 4) Now try to drag the "Speed" slider again. It won't work this time! The slider doesn't react. Other GUI elements still react, though, and the prefs can be closed. It's just the "Speed" slider that freezes.

Tested on OS3.

#128 fixed StackCheck (rework required) Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev


Causes false alerts, crashes on program termination.

Steps to reproduce

eg. SysSpeed (sets up own stack 16K, icon has no effect) (hits/crash if cancel)

mFTP (set 32K in icon → get warning since part of stack is in use on start ~30K avail!)

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