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#175 fixed SysSpeed listview slowdowns Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev


In previous versions of MUI the scrolling of the test result in SysSpeed was nice and smooth. With current MUI4 this scrolling is now pulsating. (It allows to scroll smoothly about 70% of the screen content, then locks up a bit and then scrolls again)

Enhancement recommendation

Anything can be done to improve it? Or some setting changed to improve it?

#406 worksforme SysMon crash at exit Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

More than once I got a crash while trying to close SysMon 6.3 (just pressing the close gadget and nothing else) Not sure if could be related to MUI or SysMon directly, but maybe it worth to report here aswell

Tested with:

SysMon 6.3 (from Guillame Boesel package) MUI 21.17 muimaster.library 21.163

#191 invalid Support of .info/png pictures in MUIA_Menuitem_Image ? Guillaume Boesel


MUIA_Menuitem_Image seems to allow only to use sysiclass images.

Enhancement recommendation

Is it planned to use png or .info like the new OS4FE Contextual menu ?

Thank you

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