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#281 fixed Tabs in Groups prefs problems Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn

1) Open MUI preferences 2) Go to the "Groups" page 3) Click on the second or third tab (named "Example") 4) It doesn't work here. Clicking on a tab doesn't do anything. The first tab always stays active. It's impossible to activate other tabs.

Other tabs seem to work but not the ones in "Groups" prefs.

A second problem:

Try resizing the prefs window so that the window becomes smaller than the "Groups" page so that MUI is forced to display scrollbars. This doesn't work either. The scrollbar is in non-scrollable position and there are also lots of graphics glitches in the tabbed section. See screenshot.

Tested on OS3 with the latest nightly.

#100 wontfix TWEAKS - shifted selected state for button frames Mikhail Malyshev

Since we have killed the buggy xen style frame with shifting…

Add a TWEAKS option, shift selected button TEXT and IMAGES option

This should not be a problem, since you only have to add a case condition when the flag is set, to draw the contents of the button in pressed/selected state shifted X+1, Y+1

Since this is more of interest for double pxl border frames, there is no problem to shift the contents even if we need to overwrite 1 pxl of internal frame.

For single pxl frames, the contents of the button can be cut by 1 pxl in order to fit the frame, and in most cases this pxl lines are empty anyway.

A good example of how it works is ReqAttack.

Hopefully MUI internally is not limited and this can be implemented correctly (unlike the original, where the mouse area was shifted)

#379 fixed System unstable after experimental feature Samir Hawamdeh

The introduction of the experimental feature for supporting large GUIs ( make my system quite unstable, since its implementation i cannot open more than one MUI application at the same time … for example if i try to open a video with MUI MPlayer (while Odyssey or any other MUI app is opened) the system will turn so slow that i will be forced to close atleast one of that application if i want to use the system normally … sometimes it gonna freeze the whole system aswell …

I think, maybe you should revert back that change or found any other method to implement what you liked to implement :-)

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