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#342 duplicate Tabs problems with Odyssey Samir Hawamdeh

About issue #220

There is a big problem with the Odyssey tabs, when i switch from a tab to another the web page will not be changed (this until i resize the window or i iconify/deiconify the window) so only the current tab will be showed on screen Also there are various glitch during refresh …

Tested also with the latest build (MUI5 SVN r5852) but it's the same …

#298 invalid Tabs open on top of each other (ie. Odyssey) Phantom


Tabs open on top of each other everytime, not next to each other in Odyssey.

#281 fixed Tabs in Groups prefs problems Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn

1) Open MUI preferences 2) Go to the "Groups" page 3) Click on the second or third tab (named "Example") 4) It doesn't work here. Clicking on a tab doesn't do anything. The first tab always stays active. It's impossible to activate other tabs.

Other tabs seem to work but not the ones in "Groups" prefs.

A second problem:

Try resizing the prefs window so that the window becomes smaller than the "Groups" page so that MUI is forced to display scrollbars. This doesn't work either. The scrollbar is in non-scrollable position and there are also lots of graphics glitches in the tabbed section. See screenshot.

Tested on OS3 with the latest nightly.

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