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#5 fixed Clicktab formatting Thore Böckelmann chris@…


The tabs highlight on mouse over, which is contrary to every other gadget and also the equivalent Reaction clicktabs which the style should be mimicking.


There is no need for this highlighting and no other gadgets have it. Either apply it consistently to every gadget or (preferably) get rid of it!

Enhancement recommendation

If this feature has to exist please make it an option, and leave it disabled on the default style, which is supposed to look and work broadly like OS4.

#306 fixed Clipboard doesn't work in NetInfo-II results Thore Böckelmann AmigaSurfer@…

With MUI 3.8 I could select text in the result field of the NetInfo-II 2.11 main window or the whois window and copy it to the clipboard. With MUI 4.0 this does not work anymore.

#236 invalid Clock on AGA Mikhail Malyshev


Some corruption with this object when run under AGA, see video at 17:15

The video is interesting too in terms of how MUI4 runs on legacy hardware, and why it would be cool to introduce a MUI4Light version

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