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#153 wontfix Can't scroll the main area of MUI (with the keyboard) Samir Hawamdeh


In case the main area containing the content (the main column at the right) exceeds the available space a scrollbar appear, that's fine.

However actually on that area we can't use the keyboard to scroll, because even if you you have selected the main area the focus still into the column on the left, so in case you try to use the keyboard (for example the arrows to scroll up/down) the page will be changed instead

An example: if you are into the "Keyboard" section and you press the arrow-down key nothing happen (because Keyboard is the last option in the list) while conversely if you press the arrow-up, MUI will select the "Help" area above

Of course it's correct to be able to scroll the various MUI option with the keyboard, however if the main area is selected and a scrollbar still there would be nice to have the possibility to scroll just this selected area instead

#90 invalid Catalogs missed in MUI4 nightly build (r3956) Samir Hawamdeh

Latest archive of MUI4 seems incomplete, catalogs files were not copied in latest nigthly build


#140 fixed Change the default type of menu Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


By default (in MUI prefs) the menus are preimposted as "centered" instead of "top left" (Menus —> Position —> centered)

However default AmigaOS menus are opened as "top left" instead

Enhancement recommendation

In order to follow the same standard everywhere in the system i think it would be better to change the current MUI menu by using the "top left" option instead of the "centered" one

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