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#100 wontfix TWEAKS - shifted selected state for button frames Mikhail Malyshev

Since we have killed the buggy xen style frame with shifting…

Add a TWEAKS option, shift selected button TEXT and IMAGES option

This should not be a problem, since you only have to add a case condition when the flag is set, to draw the contents of the button in pressed/selected state shifted X+1, Y+1

Since this is more of interest for double pxl border frames, there is no problem to shift the contents even if we need to overwrite 1 pxl of internal frame.

For single pxl frames, the contents of the button can be cut by 1 pxl in order to fit the frame, and in most cases this pxl lines are empty anyway.

A good example of how it works is ReqAttack.

Hopefully MUI internally is not limited and this can be implemented correctly (unlike the original, where the mouse area was shifted)

#102 invalid Scroller buttons Mikhail Malyshev


I have reported previously a problem in 3.9 when the 5th scroll all direction scroll button frame can not be changed independently.

Well, now we have the opposite by similar case in 4.0

Now we can't configure the look of arrow button frames in strollers without effecting the other image buttons.

Enhancement recommendation

Can we have the configuration options for different type of buttons separated ?

#114 fixed Selecting any picture pattern gives enforcer problems Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev


Enter MUI prefs, window settings, select fill pattern Picture browser requester, select any picture, or even change dir will give enforcers


Used to work before, a bit slow, but worked.

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