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#418 fixed Throbber trasparencies issue in tabs Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


I found an issue In Title demo, i can reproduce a problem with trasparencies, atleast reproducible in certain specific condition

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open the Title demo
  2. Then choose the bottom position
  3. Now try to highlight one of the tab

You should note that there is no transparency effect in the Throbber area of the tab

I'm using the latest MUI 5.0 nightly build (svn r6453)

#51 wontfix TextView -> MUIPrefs hits Mikhail Malyshev

Enter MUIprefs/external - TextView

Play with the text editor by entering some text, and selecting it with mouse

now select any other MUIprefs/external *.mcp and we get hits.

if we return to TextView and play some more, we will get endless single hits on every prefs change we do.

Also TextView prefs setting - background button behaves oddly, brings up image requester, not pattern requester how ever dropping a setting from defaults button works ok and set the background to patter or colour, but the setting is not remembered / or not displayed correct on loading MUIPrefs

Works in early MUI 3.9 versions

#137 fixed Text in Download window not respecting border Thore Böckelmann Hubert Maier


If a download is active (which has a certain length in it's filename) and the download window open, the name of the downloaded file is being drawn over the right border of the download window (See attached screenshots).

Also due to this the download window cannot be scrolled horizontlly anymore.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go here:

(I don't know how long this upload site will be available, i chose it because it's reproducable with it)

  1. Download HBT_OS4

Expected results

The download windows borders being respected and not overwritten The horizontal scroller should be still working

Actual results

  1. The right window border is breached everytime i download that file
  2. The information displayed in the downloads window cannot be scrolled horizontally anymore (see second screenshot), it will stay with it's broken look


Not sure about that, i never experienced it with AmigaOS4.1.6, then again, i never downloaded that file from that website


AmigaOS4.1 FE MUI 20.6294 (svn r4117) 31.10.2014

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