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#390 fixed Setting MUIA_String_InactiveContents doesn't refresh Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn

When setting MUIA_String_InactiveContents the gadget isn't refreshed. The new inactive contents are only shown when manually forcing a refresh, e.g. by clicking into the gadget and then deactivating it again. But this should not be necessary. When setting MUIA_String_InactiveContents the gadget should automatically redraw itself if necessary.

#389 invalid Enhancement: Tab Group (horizontal) scrollbar limitations Hubert Maier


On some occasions the text in a Tab Group could exceed the width of the window. i.e. in Odyssey the entries in a Tab Group window can grow larger than the Odyssey window itself.

If that happens one has no chance to see/read that information except by scrolling down to the very bottom of the page, click on the horizontal scrollbar and move it to the right.

In the worst case one is bound to repeat that and loose track.


  1. Open Odyssey
  2. Go here:
  3. (Optional) Reduce the width of Odyssey's window

Due to me using the DHTML [ code ] option (and a rather long text) it doesn't respect the group window width and many of the information is lost on the right.

Enhancement recommendation

I have some ideas, don't know if they are feasable though:

  1. Make that bottom scrollbar usable with either a mouse button (i.e. the scrollwheel and a qualifier key which needs to be pressed as well)
  2. Make that bottom scrollbar usable with the keypad keys "4" (scroll left) and "6" (scroll right)
  3. Implement a "floating" scrollbar which will "attach" itself automatically to the bottom of the page (in the case of my example, just above the "Powered by XOOPS 2.0)", just like it's done with the other scrollbars that appear only when needed.


I'm not sure if this is really is the "Group.mui" part, but everything i changed to find out if i can alter that scrollbar led me to the "Groups" stuff in MUI Prefs.

The scrollbar itself is half in height btw, which probably means it's hardcoded in mUI.

If there is a way to set in MUIPrefs what i'd like to schieve, feel free to point me to it and close this item.

Thanks a lot

#388 fixed MUI-5.0-20180821r6321-os4.lha shows MSG_MUI_EXPIRES_SOON Thore Böckelmann Javier de las Rivas



With latest nighlty build I get "MSG_MUI_EXPIRES_SOON (1221)" message: "This version of MUI expires in 42 days. Please download an updated version from"

Steps to reproduce

1.Start any mui program and it will show once such requester. 2.

Expected results

Actual results



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