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#449 fixed Native port of MCC_GuiGFX Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


Some old applications (EaglePlayer to say one) requires the old MCC_GuiGFX MUI class in order to work fully As the source of this class is freely availible on Aminet i wonder if it can be ported to OS4 and then intregrate it in MUI5


Guigfx is a Custom Class for Magic User Interface © by Stefan Stuntz. It is a subclass of areaclass. Guigfx.mcc can display image files in any format datatypes.library understands, guigfx.library image objects, bitmaps and Intuition images. It supports color depths up to 24bit, transparency channels/masks and various scaling modes including aspect correction.

This class uses image processing libraries © 1997/98 TEK neoscientists (not included!) This class uses MCCLib.c by Kai Hofmann This distribution installs through MCCInstall by Kai Hofmann This distribution uses icons shamelessly ripped from AESIcons

Enhancement recommendation

Port to AmigaOS4 PPC and eventually integrate it with future MUI5 release

#448 fixed Radio items don't work inside context menu Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn

Check out the attached example. Open the context menu and select the item named "Choose me". Open the context menu again. You'll see that nothing has changed. Normally, "Choose me" should be selected now and "Test item" should be unselected.

#447 fixed r6601 PSI font requester font styles strange/missing styles Thore Böckelmann Javier de las Rivas


Just found it with r6601, opening PSI window and MUI font requester missing some styles (shadow, outline and normal)

Steps to reproduce

1.Open MUI main and go to Screen/PSI option 2.Click on font gadget to get mui font requester

Expected results

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