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#95 invalid Locale catalog (wrong charset id) Mikhail Malyshev

If for OS3 it is not critical, for OS4 it is (defined since 2004). Russian catalog needs a proper charset id of 2104, so that the font system does all the magic correctly.

This is a problem of FlexCat, that should set the flag correctly for Amiga-1251 encoded catalogs.

#97 fixed Screen Window prefs Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

Ok, I remember now, any small even related problems are unique…

One odd thing I have noticed is when you have some screens defined eg. for a not initialized GFX card or screenmode you get a floating help bubble on top of disabled screen dimension size X (Dimension out of range or too big ) in my case it was just 1024

This is a bit odd, since if the mode was not added to the system, it can not say that it is wrong, besides the gadget is disabled anyway

#98 invalid Gradient fill Mikhail Malyshev


There are two fills for fuel gauges background fill works ok fuel colour fill has a bug

Expected results

gradient fill in proper direction (eg. select horizontal)

Actual results

fuel colour fill - renders as vertical

This is true for all 4 gradient types (need to swap X and Y)

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