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#58 fixed Scrollbars - mouse Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

MUIPrefs - Scrollbars - Allow middle mouse button scrolling

Does not seem to have any effect.

I believe if I hold the middle button and move the mouse the window content should scroll, similar to LMB held on the slider.

#59 wontfix Mailtext.mcp Mikhail Malyshev

MUI - About - List

Version string for latest Mailtext.mcp 19.9 is broken (for 19.8 it is ok)

Can be fixed quickly by patching the version string with proper $ver date, or recompiled completely, it's open source!

#61 wontfix MUI Legacy software support Mikhail Malyshev

Since there is plenty of software out there that opens their own public/custom screens, and in many cases this screens are limited to 8-bit depth, please consider improving (or better said restoring/offering a simpler colour requester). The current fancy widget does not work for this situations. If needed we can have a small petition for this, I think there will be many people interested, and it does not require much work or reinvention since the code was there before and worked fine.

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