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#86 invalid Beta Message for R2 Mikhail Malyshev

3.9-2014R2 build should have a warning message on startup ? Nightly builds are understandable, but R series? And do they have a time out too ?

#94 fixed MUI Screens window Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev


Screen editor window

Screen flags tab

Enhancement recommendation

It would be nice to rearrange all the items in one vertical column

(interleaved, open behind items)

Since in some translations some fields are long and as a result the window gets stretched a bit to big for low-med res screens

PS: One other odd thing I have noticed is when you have some screens defined eg. for a not initialized GFX card or screenmode you get a floating help bubble on top of disabled screen dimension size X (Dimension out of range or to big ;-)) in my case it was just 1024

This is a bit odd, since if the mode was not added to the system, it's can not say that it is wrong, besides the gadget is disabled anyway

#95 invalid Locale catalog (wrong charset id) Mikhail Malyshev

If for OS3 it is not critical, for OS4 it is (defined since 2004). Russian catalog needs a proper charset id of 2104, so that the font system does all the magic correctly.

This is a problem of FlexCat, that should set the flag correctly for Amiga-1251 encoded catalogs.

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