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#314 fixed UTF8 locale problems on 68K builds Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev


Newer catalogs for contribution classes are provided in UTF8 They do not work on classic systems


Classic system should get 8bit encoded catalogs (as before 2016), or classes need to play some trickery to convert the texts before rendering it.

#229 invalid Type of pointers when dragging objects Samir Hawamdeh


Actually we have different type of mouse ponters in case we move/drag tabs from a place to another (i presume you are using AISS images for this)

In general these pointers used are:

  • A "stop" pointer that it is used in case you are trying to drag a tab in a forbidden area
  • An "arrow down" pointer that is is used in case you are trying to move a tab in a different position inside an area that contain other tabs (for example this is the case of Odyssey Web Browser program)


Problem to consider:

In the title.mui example (NewStuff) you are NOT allowed to drag any tabs outside its demo area, so for example if you move a tab in the Workbench area or whatelse a "stop" pointer will be show, that's correct !

However if you do the same in Odyssey you will get exactly the same type of mouse pointer (the "stop" one) even if dragging things this time is theorically permitted !

In case of dragging attempt in a allowed area (and if a program is able to) I think you should use different mouse pointers This consider atleast two different case, one if a drag is NOT allowed (and in that case use the "stop" pointer as now) but another one if a drag this time is allowed ! (so picking a different pointer instead)

A bit different is the case of the drag&drop between tabs, in this case we have only a unique possibility so the "arrow down" pointer of course is ok … however how about using another type of "arrow down" pointer ?

In the AISS archive I think we have many other pointers that we can use for this specific case, somethings that can be better compared to the one we are using now ..

Why i don't like the current "arrow down" image for dragging ?

Well mostly because it's the same image we are using for the scroll down gadget of the (MUI) windows, i think we should use somethings better, again an "arrow down" like image but maybe a smaller one

#164 fixed Trasparencies issue in Odyssey's tabs Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


The latest MUI4 r4505 reintroduced again a very old but then solved issue with the trasparence effects, you can see it running Odyssey, trasparence effect of the throbbler (i mean the animation inside the tab) are not rendered correctly, i think you should revert as it was

Before it was perfect !

Probably the modification involved was that:

  • Title.c: restore the former background of a child object after it has been

drawn to prevent the replacement image to be released too often by Area.mui. This refs #156.

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