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#84 fixed ListView (image requester) Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

From the popup menu in the list

  1. Cant rename a file or dir, gives input field, but does nothing after input
  1. Can not create new dir from popup menu
  1. Needs refresh button for current dir since it does not always/auto refresh (eg files copied to the open dir are missing)

PS: 3.9-2014R2 missing in bug tracker

#85 invalid PSI Mikhail Malyshev

What's it good for ? And how is it supposed to work ? Seems to be dead.

#86 invalid Beta Message for R2 Mikhail Malyshev

3.9-2014R2 build should have a warning message on startup ? Nightly builds are understandable, but R series? And do they have a time out too ?

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