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#165 invalid Busy.mcc speeds Mikhail Malyshev

The speed setting is somewhat limited compared to what it used to be. eg. For me anything faster then 20ms is running at same speed. Previously Wow! and 1-5 ms speed were very fast.

Something wrong with timing ?

#148 invalid Busy.ncc Mikhail Malyshev


Cannot change direction of scrolling for busy mode The button displays Right / In|Left / Out and has no effect.

#133 fixed Button Gadgets - missing image Thore Böckelmann Richard Lake


Referred by Andreas, Hollywood Developer:

Steps to reproduce

Just happens randomily.

Expected results

Button Images to load. See first attached screenshot.

Actual results

See second attached screenshot.



From time to time, quiet randomily, my MUI application refuses to load images that I specified against a button. In the screenshot shown, there are many tabs and various GUI elements loaded into the application, but presently the Fold All and Unfold All buttons are the only ones seemily affected by this issue. Further comments by Andreas and myself on the Hollywood forum via the link above.

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