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#16 fixed Voyager 3.3 tries to open muigfx.library Thore Böckelmann Thore Böckelmann

Voyager 3.3 tries to the open the old muigfx.library as known from MUI 3.8. This library is for MUI internal use only and not meant for direct usage. Since MUI 3.9 all functions have been moved over to muimaster.library and muigfx.library was declared obsolete and is usually deleted from the system. But without that library Voyager will complain that MUI is not installed at all and refuses to run.

A possible solution could be to dynamically create a fake muigfx.library in memory with all necessary functions, but all functions point to muimaster.library.

#56 wontfix VirtualGroup button Mikhail Malyshev


VirtualGroup button settings are link to normal button settings

Enhancement recommendation

Make VirtualGroup button setting independent


#387 fixed Video memory trouble with R2 Thore Böckelmann K-L


MUI 5-2018-R2 seems to eat a lot of video memory without freeing it.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch a monitor to check video memory consumption (to be done with R1 and then R2 to see differences)
  1. Launch any MUI application and check video memory consumption

Expected results

A huge amount of video memory will be used while using an MUI Application (Odyssey for example).

Actual results

More than 50% of video memory (I have 256MB here) will be used and not be freed when quitting all MUI applications.


It is a regression from R1.


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