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#22 fixed When opening the demos folder, the icons load slowly and system becomes jerky Thore Böckelmann ddniUK


When opening the demos folder, the icons load slowly and system becomes jeryk

Steps to reproduce

1.Double click on /MUI/Demos/ 2.

Expected results

Normal smooth opening of folder and icons

Actual results

Jerky icon loading, jerky mouse pointer



Snoopy output 00004 : ENV/env-handler 52.2 : FAIL = Lock("ENVARC:sys/",SHARED) [19uS]

#103 fixed What happend to MUIV_Imageadjust_Type_All? Thore Böckelmann muibase@…

This is mainly for MUI on MorphOS since this is the only system I have access to running MUI 4.0. A copy of this bug description has been shared with the MorphOS team. The intent of posting it here as well, is to have the MUI team check if there has been a bug introduced in MUI 4.0, or if I am doing something wrong.

Back in the days, the author of MUI gave some unofficial info similar to this:

#define MUIA_Imagedisplay_Spec 0x8042a547 /* V11 isg struct MUI_ImageSpec * */

#define MUIA_Imageadjust_Type 0x80422f2b /* V11 i.. LONG */ #define MUIV_Imageadjust_Type_All 0 #define MUIV_Imageadjust_Type_Image 1 #define MUIV_Imageadjust_Type_Background 2 #define MUIV_Imageadjust_Type_Pen 3

This allows to create a popup button for specifying an image. When using *_Type_Background one can set a color, a pattern, or choose an image. The *_Type_All allowed all that plus a few more fancy stuff. This is all still true with MUI 3.8.

The MUI that comes with MorphOS 3.7 still does the same when using *_Type_Background. But *_Type_All and *_Type_Image don't seem to work, they only allow to set a color in the color wheel.

Any idea what happened here?


#16 fixed Voyager 3.3 tries to open muigfx.library Thore Böckelmann Thore Böckelmann

Voyager 3.3 tries to the open the old muigfx.library as known from MUI 3.8. This library is for MUI internal use only and not meant for direct usage. Since MUI 3.9 all functions have been moved over to muimaster.library and muigfx.library was declared obsolete and is usually deleted from the system. But without that library Voyager will complain that MUI is not installed at all and refuses to run.

A possible solution could be to dynamically create a fake muigfx.library in memory with all necessary functions, but all functions point to muimaster.library.

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