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#268 fixed Wrong colours in Busy.mcc Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn

Take a look at the attached screenshot. Busy.mcc is expected to use a gradient between grey and blue. So where does the colour pink come from?

This worked correctly with the MUI 4.0 that came with OS4.1 Final Edition but now it's cycling with pink in it which looks rather ugly.

#305 worksforme Wrong colors of menus caused by Odyssey Samir Hawamdeh


While i browse with Odyssey 1.23 (pratically at random and apparently for no reason) the color of my menu will change

The funny thing is that even the color of the contextmenu of AmigaOS will change aswell (even if no they are not MUI related)

This problem never happen before, however i really don't know since when this problem were introduced (if it was of course)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Just browse the web with Odyssey
  2. At some point this problem with the colors may happen


My config is:

AmigaOS 4.1 FE MUI 4.0 2016 R1 (20.6511 svn r5248) Odyssey 1.23 (latest version with the various patches)

#92 fixed Windows Tab does not work on 3.9-2014R2 Thore Böckelmann ancalimon


Windows Tab does not work on 3.9-2014R2

Steps to reproduce

  1. Run MUI
  2. Click on the "Windows" tab on the left

Expected results

You should see Windows options on the right side of MUI options after clicking the Windows tab on the left.

Actual results

You get a screen flash (the one that happens when an error happens) and then the following message inside MUI window where the Windows options appears: "Failed to create preferences class".



It happens for at least two people. I have a Blizard060 withc 256mb of ram using OS 3.9.

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