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#338 duplicate Opening ASL filerequester opens twice Javier de las Rivas


When YAM/Odyessy opens an ASL filerequester to save a file whne lick on OK it opens again to "resave" file again

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to MUI nightly build and click on 1 entry to download.
  2. It opesn an ASL filerequester to choose where to save, you click OK
  3. Reopens again the ASL filerequester.

Expected results

ASL filerequester opens only once

Actual results

ASL filerequester opens twice



#337 fixed ASL requester opened twice Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


I was offline for a week or so, so I noted it only now by using the latest MUI5 nightly build (svn r5785)

If i try to upload a file on internet or even if i try to download something with Odyssey the ASL requester will be opened as it should, however if i click on on "save", the the requester will be opened a second time and only after than i can save or upload the file normally !

Steps to reproduce

  1. Just try to download or upload something with Odyssey Web Browser
#336 duplicate btree.library should not be removed anonymous


When going to mui info, there is some comment that 3 files (of which one is btree.library) could be removed because there are no longer in use. But when removing this file, some items in prefs and some programs like ibrowse and apdf would not work any longer.

Enhancement recommendation

Make mui keep btree.library.

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