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#352 fixed NListtree subentries not autoindent Thore Böckelmann Javier de las Rivas


See pic attached, maybe is NListtree problem, but as I see it on the MUI prefs's NListtree example, maybe it's MUI prefs. The subentries aren't indented: -amiga misc tech amiga

IMO it should be/show something like: -amiga

| misc | tech | amiga

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open MUI prefs
  2. Go to NListtree and expand nodes

Expected results

Actual results



#351 fixed Un-iconify a program restores windows in wrong order (depth) Thore Böckelmann Chris Handley

I think this is a long-standing 'bug' in MUI, which I'll explain by way of example:

If I have Odyssey running with a Downloads window open, iconify Odyssey. and then un-iconify it, then the Downloads window 'appears' behind the main Odyssey window, such that the Downloads window is not visible. I think this happens because the Downloads window is (re)opened before the main window.

I presume this could be fixed by ensuring that all of the a MUI program's windows are opened in a specific order, i.e. with the lowest (deepest) windows being (re)opened first. (This would of course require storing the depth order of the windows at the start of iconification.)

#350 invalid VPDF crashed at startup Samir Hawamdeh


I experience some crashes when trying to start VPDF (i was able to reproduce it by starting VPDF from AmiDock but probably is not related)

Tested on the recent MUI 5.0 nightly build (svn r5965) and AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition Update 1

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