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#336 duplicate btree.library should not be removed anonymous


When going to mui info, there is some comment that 3 files (of which one is btree.library) could be removed because there are no longer in use. But when removing this file, some items in prefs and some programs like ibrowse and apdf would not work any longer.

Enhancement recommendation

Make mui keep btree.library.

#12 invalid bad rendering of any iconified mui app to amidock when compositing disabled Roman Kargin


When we enable in mui prefs "iconify mui apps to amidock", then, if we have in system enabled compositing everything renders fine. If we have in system disabled compositing, then mui (and only mui apps) renders bad.

I.e. if we just do check any other app which put itself in amidock (such as amiupdate, which not use mui), then we can see that with or without enabled compositing it renders to amidock always correctly. But with mui apps we have such issue. And because only mui apps have this issue, and non-mui apps didn't have this issue imho it should be mui.

Steps to reproduce

  1. disable compositing
  2. set in mui prefs "iconify mui apps to amidock"
  3. run any mui app and press iconify to see that effect.

Expected results

Should renders correctly in all cases (with or without compositing)

I also attach an image , to show it visually. From screenshot can be seen all the differences (i mockup it a bit for better readability).

#64 wontfix XEN Button Style Mikhail Malyshev

XEN frames have lost their shifted image/text effect

i.e. When it is used for a button, and that button is pressed, it's content got shifted 1 pxl down and to the right.

Please return this one of the most wonderful feature!

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