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#400 invalid Window menu gadget and elements enable on mouse click up walkero


The windows menu gadget items, the radio buttons, and maybe other elements, apply the change on mouse click down and not on mouse click up and release.


In my opinion, it would be better to work in a similar way with workbench elements. You can test it if you tryto click on a radio button and keep the mouse button pressed. The change is already applied.

Also, if you open the window menu from the top right corner gadget, and try to move the window to an other screen, if you click on a selection, and keep the mouse button down, the selection is already applied.

This doesn't give the user the ability to undo his selection by moving away.

Enhancement recommendation

I recommend to change the way it works and enable changes on mouse up/release. If you do not agree with that, maybe add a way for the user to set the way he want's this to behave, at the MUI preferences

#436 fixed A question on how the position of Balance is saved walkero


I would like to ask how a user can save the balance in a window between two groups, i.e. in AmIRC between the discussions and the user list there is a balance. If the user changes it, how this can be saved? I tried the window snapshot, but this didn't save it.

Is there something the developer should have in mind when he uses Balances, so to save their changes, or there is an automatic way for this to be done?

#324 fixed texteditor crash at copy-paste is back with the r3 release :( Thore Böckelmann voxel

The texeditor chras bug when using keybord shorcuts to copy-paste-etc is back since I've installed the latest mui5 r3 via amiupdate today :-(

just try to copy a portion of text in anything using mui to get the crash/freeze again

I made a rollback of the texteditor stuff to the r2 version and the bug is there too (same versions).

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