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#362 fixed MUIA_List_AutoLineHeight broken for Listtree since 2017R1 Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn

Take a look at the two screenshots attached: The first one was made with MUI 2016 R3 and everything is fine. The second one was made with MUI 2017 R1 and you can see that the line height is much too high.

#361 worksforme Odyssey doesn't work with latest nightly Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

Starting from the latest MUI nightly, Odyssey stop working .. double click on its icon produce nothing and the browser doesn't start at all

Latest working MUI version with Odyssey is 21.94 (svn r6109)

#360 fixed PD-Menu draws shadow of subcommand windows wrong (blue, probably the active marking color) Thore Böckelmann Hubert Maier


Sorry, i try to explain it better.

If you use the MUI PD-menu the "active" command/line gets marked by a blue color (default). If you happen to have a line which open subcommands (→) than the parent line will stay marked as active and the subcommand lines get their marking aswell. All is fine by now.

As long as the orientation of the subommand window stays on the right side of the parent command line.

There is a little graphical glitch though, if the orientation changes to the left (e.g. if the subcommand window would open beyond the end of the screen it will be drawn on the left instead).

Then the shadow of the subcommand window will be eaither erased or overdrawn by the line marking color.

Easiest to reproduce with the MUI main settings window.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open MUI settings
  2. Browse to "Windows"
  3. Move the main MUI window really close to the right screen edge.
  4. Right-Click on window controls "Smart"
  5. The main PD-menu will open
  6. Scroll down to the "All" submenues

The first entry will have it's shadow correct (but the marking of the line (blue) will start a few pixels after the shadow stops, which looks wrong)

Move down one entry.

The second entry will show the glitch. Not only is there a black pixel drawn on the top right of the window, it's also covered in blue.

Move down antoher entry.

The third entry will show the same.

Now don't let go of the mouse button. Move up one entry again and see.

The third entry will now show a complete blue residue over the whole height of the line and in size exactly the pixels the blue marking for the line starts in all lines.

Move up another entry and now the second line displays the problem.

Expected results

Same correct behaviour for all entries.

Actual results

See above


Not sure, i guess i have seen this before, but never bothered to write a report


AmigaOS4.1 FE Update 1 MUI 5 21.38 (svn6041)

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