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#423 invalid Possible bug in the HWPlayer GUI Samir Hawamdeh

Recently I opened a thread into the Hollywood forum related to a possible bug in the GUI of HollywoodPlayer .. however i'm not sure if it could be a bug or not Andreas say it's not ..

Here it was my report:

Noted a small bug in latest Hollywood Player 8.0 GUI :-) If a name of the exe is longer than current window size, then the text (aka the program's name) into the row will not be entirely selected

See grab:

Of course if you increase the the window size, then the name will be entirely selected ..

However Andreas reply me that:

"Setting a hard-coded minimum window size is actually against MUI guidelines so this won't be fixed."

Link of the original thread:

Thore what do you think ?

#422 fixed Missing icons in the newsest Hyperlink and calltips demos Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

Just downloaded the latest nightly build (svn r6509) and noted that the new 2 demos (demos/Hyperlink and demos/Calltips) doesn't have their proper icon

#421 wontfix Changing name of the Clock demo Samir Hawamdeh


By accident the Clock demo in "Demos" folder of MUI share the same name of the Clock utility of the Enancher Package of AmigaOS4


In case you have, atleast once lanched the Clock demo of MUI, then anytime you strat the Updater program of the Enancher Package, the name version of this MUI demo will conflct with the Clock utility of the Enancher … this prevent you to check and download correctly the Clock utility using Updater When you open the Updater

Enhancement recommendation

Well, perhaps changing the name of this demo from "Clock" to "MUI Clock" or something similar could help

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