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#163 fixed wrong colors on flat borders mail@…


All Gadgets with a flat frame displays wrong frame/border colors

Steps to reproduce

  1. go to mui prefs, choose any object you want in the list (buttons, groups etc.)
  2. change border settings (Frames & Background / Rahmen & Hintergrund in german)
  3. on tab borders look at the first entry, this is black. should be shine pen (top), shadowpen (bottom)

Expected results

should have same colors as other frame types

Actual results

black color


Screenshots here: previous version:

current version:

#181 fixed title/page text context dissappears with stretching=0% (not in MUI perfs Groups) Thore Böckelmann Javier de las Rivas


Pages/Title text content dissapear when STRECHING is set to 0%, but in MUI prefs (GROUPS) the pages/title fits to its length.

Other programs (YAM, SysMon, Pages [MUI Demo]) all shrink to a minimal title/page.

Is there any tag (or trick un MUI prefs groups) that clones MUI prefs behaviour?


See pics attached.

Enhancement recommendation

If MUI prefs GROUPS makes use some "non standard" trick to display page/title it should be removed so all programs behave the same way. Or if there is some missing tag on above named programs (YAM, SysMon, Pages [MUI Demo]) can you tell explain how to do it, so I can contact authors ;-) so they fix'em


#324 fixed texteditor crash at copy-paste is back with the r3 release :( Thore Böckelmann voxel

The texeditor chras bug when using keybord shorcuts to copy-paste-etc is back since I've installed the latest mui5 r3 via amiupdate today :-(

just try to copy a portion of text in anything using mui to get the crash/freeze again

I made a rollback of the texteditor stuff to the r2 version and the bug is there too (same versions).

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