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#70 worksforme Timeline Mikhail Malyshev

Timeline on MUIDEV is not working day 2.

#112 worksforme did not install alanore@…


I run Amikit and have had MUI-registered-since the begin I waited 100 minutes and nothing after starting the install

Background analysis

Implementation recommendation

progress bar

#116 worksforme MUI 3.9 unstable (due to bubble help?!?) Thore Böckelmann supernobby


Hello! thanks for updating MUI. But since I installed MUI 3.9 (now 2014R3), MUI applications behave rather unstable, what I did not know from my rather stable working AMIGA 4000 with OS3.9 and MUI 3.8. So sorry for this rather unspecific ticket. But I actually do not know where to start. It crashes so often and one could get the impression, it is somehow related to the bubble help (which now inserts line breaks). But that must not be the real reason, as I have other problems too. So I also can't exclude my system. But since MUI 3.8 does well. I tend to blame MUI 3.9. I hope to find out here, as I am not sure if there are other ways to discuss this.

Steps to reproduce

A) crash in MUI settings → (Rollbalken) → Balken → Knopf → Bubble Help A1. Open MUI settings A2. select "Intern" Classes and go to (Rollbalken) A3. Hover with the mouse pointer over the "Knopf" selector until bubble help appears A4. repeat this fast several times and the system crashes / freezes somehow


Other problems are:

  • MUI Window settings page can't be created
  • Luciferin (Flash Tool for E3B USB cards) does not even start and cause system crash
  • in "Scout.os3 → About MUI → show external classes" causes system crash

But all this may relate to the same reason. Did something change on the stack requirements, that I miss? Also, what is Phase5.mcc, that MUI tries to load?

Unfortunately, the current nightly build or the current debug version fail to open, that might would help to further investigate.

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