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#172 fixed Strings in RegisterGroup no more hidden when too long with latest MUI (svn4484) and nighty build (svn4569) Thore Böckelmann Guillaume Boesel


Before the latest MUI stable version, when a string was too large in tabs of a RegisterGroup, there were cutted to allow to minimize the width of the window.

Now, starting with latest stable release (20.6373) and latest NightyBuild (20.6391), the tabs seems to be width fixed to fits the string length.

Steps to reproduce

With my own program, SysMon.

1) with version < 20.6373, for example, 20.6294, the tabs strings were cutted, it allowed me to resize my window to a smaller width

see attached PreviousMUI.JPG

2) with version ≥ 20.6373, the tabs width are equals to the string length, my window is larger than before.

see attached LatestMUI.JPG and LatestSVNMUI.JPG


But maybe that it was a bug in the previous version and that I will have to review my strings length ;)

Thank you Guillaume 'zzd10h'

#173 fixed Autodocs for Title class Thore Böckelmann Guillaume Boesel

Does an Autodoc for the Title class exist ?

I didn't find one in the latest MUI svn SDK drawer.

Thank you

#189 fixed MUIA_Window_DrawInfo undeclared with latest MUI SDK Thore Böckelmann Guillaume Boesel


Trying to add image to a MUI menu as in NewStuff.c, I obtain an error "MUIA_Window_DrawInfo undeclared"

I checked in the latest MUI nighty build SDK, and no occurence of this function, except in the NewStuff.c sample (MUI-4.0-20150409r4635-os4.lha)

Expected results

Compilation OK

Actual results

Compilation failed, MUIA_Window_DrawInfo undeclared


I see in the AutoDoc than MUIA_Menuitem_Image allow only to use sysiclass images. Is it planned to use png or .info like the new OS4FE Contextual menu ?

Thank you Guillaume

PS : I created the same ticket, just before but I was not logged in. I don't know if you received it, therefore, I recreate one. Sorry.

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