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#42 fixed 8-bit screens / low colour / low free pens situations Thore Böckelmann mm@…


For classic 8c MWB need to provide fall back images and some prefs settings (for colour chooser window)

Trashed icons in prefs lists, even in 256c modes

Inability to set/pick colour, no RGB sliders (eg. like MUI 3.8 or older 3.9)

#337 fixed ASL requester opened twice Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


I was offline for a week or so, so I noted it only now by using the latest MUI5 nightly build (svn r5785)

If i try to upload a file on internet or even if i try to download something with Odyssey the ASL requester will be opened as it should, however if i click on on "save", the the requester will be opened a second time and only after than i can save or upload the file normally !

Steps to reproduce

  1. Just try to download or upload something with Odyssey Web Browser
#378 invalid AboutBox changes in r6280 Samir Hawamdeh

Recent relayouting done in r6280 (Aboutbox.c) give graphical glitch when resizing thw window … as soon as you try minimize the window the bottom border will visually disappear .. but it appear again once you release the mouse button …

No problem with the previous version, maybe you can revert back or just found another solution to optimize it ? :-)

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