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#238 fixed Changeset 4853 Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev
  • Slider.c: reenabled the "jump to default value on doubleclick" feature.


If you click on empty area to nudge the gadget by one a few times and then accidentally click the knob, everything resets

Enhancement recommendation

This is not very convenient. IMHO it should reset on double click only if its on the knob double click, and not empty part click + knob click

#255 fixed Changeset 4945 (Alpha channel OS3) Mikhail Malyshev

Not fully agree with you.

First of all, it works, if setup correctly.

Hopefully AkPNG can get updated, in current 45.95 form it has bugs with simple 2-8 bit images when alpha channel is enabled :-( The WarpPNG datatype outsource is an alternative, but has a registration limitation.

To prevent problems under OS3, it would have been simpler to include low colour version of the images with ZERO colour set for transparency.

Why should people who have it working perfectly, suffer ?

#156 fixed Changing screenmodes while MUI prefs running Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

With older MUI 3.9 it is possible to start MUI prefs, iconify it, change WB screenmode and reopen it.

With MUI 4 under OS3 or OS4 it prevents the system from changing screenmode while it is running.

Under OS4 it causes an infinite loop of automatic attempts to change screenmode.

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