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Ticket Type Status Resolution Priority Summary
#136 enhancement assigned normal + icon to AddPage tab
#330 enhancement new undecided Add shortcuts in main buttons of MUI prefs
#347 bug closed fixed undecided Crash bug due to recent Listtree changes
#10 task new normal Implement double buffering
#17 enhancement accepted normal Implementing transparent menus
#345 bug closed fixed undecided MUI-5.0-20170328r5886-os4.lha and contrib missing files (libs/mcc)
#33 enhancement new low Open new tabs on double click
#258 task new low Port MUI4 to AROS
#354 bug new undecided Problem with the images shown when using 16 colors.
#285 enhancement new undecided Proper multiselect support for Listview.mui
#351 enhancement new undecided Un-iconify a program restores windows in wrong order (depth)
#350 bug new undecided VPDF crashed at startup
#305 bug new undecided Wrong colors of menus caused by Odyssey
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