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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#401 Crash when closing tab (Odyssey) bug normal undefined 5.0-nightly build
#444 SnapIT: Causes a system freeze bug normal muimaster.library 5.0-2020R1
#445 MUI prefs: Failed to create application (20) - on another MUI preferences run Thore Böckelmann bug normal MUI prefs application 5.0-2020R1
#447 r6601 PSI font requester font styles strange/missing styles Thore Böckelmann bug normal Fontpanel.mui 5.0-nightly build
#448 Radio items don't work inside context menu Thore Böckelmann bug normal Popmenu.mui 5.0-2020R1
#449 Native port of MCC_GuiGFX Thore Böckelmann enhancement normal undefined 5.0-nightly build
#450 Listening to MUIA_Window_Width doesn't work Thore Böckelmann enhancement normal Window.mui 5.0-2020R1
#451 MUIM_List_Clear doesn't generate MUIA_List_Active any longer Thore Böckelmann bug normal List.mui 5.0-2020R1
#452 mui_lib debug non existant (mui5 nightly build) Thore Böckelmann bug normal muimaster.library 5.0-nightly build
#453 Guigfx.mcc native crash with iGame 2.0 Beta 7 Thore Böckelmann bug normal Guigfx.mcc 5.0-nightly build
#455 Current MUI nightly build has already expired Thore Böckelmann bug normal Installer script 5.0-2020R1
#456 Formatting text issue in LayGroup bug normal LayGroup.mcc 5.0-nightly build
#454 Integrate MCC_ToolBar class in MUI5 enhancement undecided undefined 5.0-2020R1

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#429 Possible chars limit in data:image URLs (Odyssey) Thore Böckelmann bug normal String.mui 5.0-2019R4
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