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#421 Changing name of the Clock demo enhancement normal demos 5.0-nightly build
#425 Shortcuts not working Thore Böckelmann bug normal Menuitem.mui 5.0-2019R4
#426 ARexx ACTIVATE and DEACTIVATE commands are broken Thore Böckelmann bug normal muimaster.library 5.0-2019R4
#427 Frame title of virtual group sometimes wanders Thore Böckelmann bug normal Group.mui 5.0-2019R4
#428 Odyssey's tab switching sometime cause crash Thore Böckelmann bug normal Title.mui 5.0-2019R4
#431 System freeze when dragging the address field in Odyssey 1.23 bug normal muimaster.library 5.0-2019R4
#432 nightly build 6545 missing some files. Thore Böckelmann bug normal build environment 5.0-nightly build
#433 Gadget colors changes when selecting their textarea bug normal Keyadjust.mui 5.0-nightly build
#434 ISO 8859-1 characters not drawn correctly on OS4 bug normal Text.mui 5.0-2019R4
#435 Add a "Quit" option in popup menu enhancement normal Window.mui 5.0-nightly build
#436 A question on how the position of Balance is saved enhancement normal Balance.mui 5.0-2019R4
#437 PachASL Problem OS3 RTG bug normal Dirlist.mui 5.0-2019R4
#439 Implementing non blocking menus enhancement normal Menu.mui 5.0-nightly build
#440 Dangling directory locks when MUI first started Thore Böckelmann bug normal muimaster.library 5.0-2019R4
#441 MUI-5.0-20200620r6570 nightly build crashes when clickin mouse Thore Böckelmann bug normal Application.mui 5.0-nightly build
#442 Crash when using scroll wheel in an MUI window Thore Böckelmann bug normal Application.mui 5.0-2019R4
#443 Bump everything to 2020 Thore Böckelmann enhancement normal documentation 5.0-nightly build
#424 MUI r6521 list sliders show wrong bug low List.mui 5.0-nightly build
#430 Add the possibility of keyboard driven copy and paste to string gadgets enhancement undecided String.mui 5.0-2019R4
#438 PachASL Problem OS3 RTG bug undecided undefined 5.0-2019R4
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