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#371 PopFile and PopDrawer ContextMenu Thore Böckelmann enhancement normal String.mui 5.0-2017R4
#374 Support for AISS images in menu Thore Böckelmann enhancement normal Popmenu.mui 5.0-nightly build
#379 System unstable after experimental feature bug normal Imagespace.mui 5.0-nightly build
#387 Video memory trouble with R2 Thore Böckelmann bug normal Imagespace.mui 5.0-2018R2
#394 New screens crashes Thore Böckelmann bug normal String.mui 5.0-2018R3
#395 Move window to new screen blocks, and can't move it again. Not always. Thore Böckelmann bug normal Popmenu.mui 5.0-nightly build
#396 Add an option to decide the AISS images size Thore Böckelmann enhancement normal Popmenu.mui 5.0-nightly build
#398 MUI-5.0-20181210r6389 missing muimaster_lib bug normal muimaster.library 5.0-nightly build
#399 Menu: Failed to create preferences class bug undecided Menu.mui 5.0-nightly build
#400 Window menu gadget and elements enable on mouse click up enhancement undecided muimaster.library 5.0-nightly build
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