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#371 PopFile and PopDrawer ContextMenu Thore Böckelmann enhancement normal String.mui 5.0-2017R4

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#367 "\33I[" to display pictures inside a NList doesn't work anymore Thore Böckelmann bug normal foreign class 5.0-2017R4
#368 Shorcut doesn't work in "key" area (Prefs/System) Thore Böckelmann bug normal Keyadjust.mui 5.0-2017R4
#369 r6168 nightly build muimaster_lib 3.6MB!!! bug normal muimaster.library 5.0-nightly build
#370 Add wordwrapping support to MUI_Request Thore Böckelmann enhancement normal Text.mui 5.0-2017R4
#372 Translation of expires window Thore Böckelmann enhancement normal muimaster.library 5.0-2017R4
#365 Depth gadget and download window of OWB bug undecided undefined 5.0-nightly build
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