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Pool of tickets which are going to be implemented in one of the next releases of MUI4.

The tickets in this milestone have the endorsement of the MUI developers:

  • their priority is a rough indicator of the schedule, from highest (soon) to lowest (long term goal)
  • their severity is an indicator of the impact of the ticket on MUI

As soon as a new release milestone is planned (4.0-XXXXRX) tickets will be moved from here to the new target milestone to define which tickets need to be closed until a release can be performed.

Ticket Type Status Resolution Priority Summary
#10 task new normal Implement double buffering
#17 enhancement accepted normal Implementing transparent menus
#33 enhancement new low Open new tabs on double click
#136 enhancement assigned normal + icon to AddPage tab
#258 task new low Port MUI4 to AROS
#330 enhancement new undecided Add shortcuts in main buttons of MUI prefs
#354 bug new undecided Problem with the images shown when using 16 colors.
#374 enhancement new undecided Support for AISS images in menu
#379 bug new undecided System unstable after experimental feature
#381 bug pending undecided Grafikfehler
#382 task pending undecided MUI version for 68k

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