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Development Site Alive!

The MUI for AmigaOS Development Team is proud to announce the grand opening of their development site to the public. We are happy to share our upcoming AmigaOS-related development on MUI with you and would welcome everybody to contribute by considering registering to our site and contributing by documenting any MUI related things here.

So welcome everybody!

  • Posted: 2014-01-23 11:51 (Updated: 2014-01-23 12:25)
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Here we present site news to keep the MUI community updated on recent changes to the site and its services, including discussion, issues, outages and functional upgrades.

  • Posted: 2014-01-23 11:38
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MUI 4.0-2014R1 released

The MUI for AmigaOS development team is proud to announce the immediate release of version 4.0-2014R1 of the Magic User Interface. Please find the release archive in our download section